sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015


No próximo dia 23 de Julho, a milímetro em parceria com a Cinemateca Portuguesa-Museu do Cinema apresenta uma sessão dupla António Reis. A exibição dos filmes será em cópias 35mm e terá início, excepcionalmente, às 21h30, no Cinema Passos Manuel.

JAIME (1974), António Reis | 35 min

"While working at Lisbon’s famed Miguel Bombarda sanatorium, psychologist Margarida Cordeiro discovered a series of arresting drawings by the subject of her first film with Reis, a recently deceased former patient and paranoid schizophrenic named Jaime Fernandes. Keeping a deeply respectful yet never tentative distance from the asylum world as a realm of unfathomable mystery, Reis and Cordeiro linger over Fernandes’ remarkably expressive drawings, assembling a profoundly moving and hypnotic portrait of a gifted artist and powerful emblem of Portugal’s virtual imprisonment during the repressive Salazar regime."

ANA (1982), António Reis e Margarida Cordeiro | 115 min

"More than a decade after their first feature, Reis and Cordeiro returned once more to the Trás-os-Montes region, using the breathtaking landscape as the evocative setting for an intergenerational portrait of family as a variation of the poetically non-linear time explored in their earlier film. Ripe with floating symbols of the ancient and modern world, Ana is a meditation on history and human civilization and the infinitesimally small but profound role of the individual within the larger movement of longue durée. The film’s minimal and Rilke-inspired dialogue reveals Reis and Cordeiro’s interest in a deeper, non-verbal mode of communication, not only between generations but also between the land and those passing through it. At the center of the sweeping cycle of life described by Ana is the haunting figure of Cordeiro’s own mother, cast as an aging matriarch whose intimacy with her children, grandchildren and with the windswept landscapes around her is tinged with the melancholy of her imminent, final departure."

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