sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

"All the music that is from the people is what people are about"

'Let me tell you something,' said Cannonball Adderley.'I don't believe in segregated jazz. That is to say, I don't think you just have to have a jazz radio programme, or a special jazz show on television. I don't believe that that any kind of music has to be set aside unto itself.
'The reason there is a small market for jazz, a small market for chamber music, is because everybody categorises everything - that's a Western passion, pigeonholing and putting things into niches. I think everything belongs together. All the music that is from the people is what people are about'
The great alto and soprano saxophonist was relaxing in his dressing room after giving a stupendous performance with his quintet at the Opposite Lock, a small club in a side street not far from the city centre in Birmingham. 'We did a TV programme in London, and there was a bit of drama, a bit of comedy, some classical music by Ralph Vaughan Williams, there was poetry, and there was us. I don't see why it shouldn't always be like that.

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