domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

The Survivor

"For he was intending to beg, and he was ashamed. He was not ashamed of having had a bullet in the leg, nor of having bought a public house that didn't pay, but because he was reduced to asking complete strangers for money. In his opinion no one owed him anything. 
Begging came hard to him. It is the profession for those who have learned nothing; only it seemed that even this business had to be learned. He spoke to several people one after another, but with a courageous expression on his face, and taking care not to stand in people's way so that they should not feel that they were being pestered. Also, he chose rather long sentences that were only completed when this person was a long way past; neither did he hold out his hand. And so, by the fifth time that he had humiliated himself, scarcely anyone had noticed that he was begging." 

Bertolt Brecht, Threepenny Novel, Penguin Modern Classics, p.8. 

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  1. Muito parecido com uma cena memorável do Umberto D., que se recomenda, já agora. :)
    Gosto dos updates! Beijinho

  2. Inesita, esse Sica ainda não vi mas, e principalmente agora depois deste conselho, anseio por ver :) um beijinho e até breve!