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sobre um filme que anseio por ver

Abbas Kiarostami sobre o seu mais recente filme, Like Someone in Love.
"Geoff Andrew: You've said that each of your films arises from its prodecessor. How does this relate to Certified Copy?
Abbas Kiarostami: Well, of course, it's not that conscious or deliberate but there's a moment when Akiko stands looking at the painting and talks about it; that reminded me that in Certified Copy there was a moment when Williem [Shimell] and Juliette [Binoche] stand together and discuss a paiting. And in a way that's where you get my manifesto about art.
I was pleased to find the painting for this film because I wanted to haave something Akiko ant Watanabe could discuss - something that wasn't just trivial like the weather - before moving on to the main subject. It's quite an important painting, because it was the first time a traditional Japanese subject had been painted in oils using Western techniques. So it's a combination of East and West. It's important to look around you and see what else is out there. For exemple, I have my roots in Iran but I don't want to look only at my roots; one's own culture can be like a prision. So I've looked to other cultures, including the West, for philosophy and art. More than that: the only thing that continues to excite me as a filmmaker is to be able to do something different, to keep on experimenting and doing something which is new and fresh, even if it shocks or surprises others - or myself.(...)"
in Sight & Sound, July 2013, Vol. 23, Issue 7, p.43.

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